Pet Relationships

Pets are in our lives for a variety of reasons from companionship to support in completing daily activities. Many people’s lives can be enhanced with support from their animal companions and I offer support to help maximize benefit for both you and your pet. Like any other relationship, support may be needed to manage the emotions that come up. The relationship with your pet may not be understood by loved ones. You may find the stress that comes with the added responsibilities of caring for a pet hard to manage.

The loss of a pet can be difficult, losing a member of the family. It is normal to have an intense reaction. Many friends and family will understand and be compassionate toward your loss, while others may find it difficult to fully relate. While the grief of a pet can be similar to other losses, it can be common for the grieving individual to defend themselves against insensitivity which doesn’t usually occur with human loss. We can work together to explore these complex and rewarding relationships and process emotions when a loss occurs.